Exchange web services API(Soap) question - Attachments count??


  • Hi Everyone :)

    Is there a way to retrieve the attachments count of a mail item (Without getting the ID's of the attachments) in Soap web service in the web exchange? I mean something in the line of the property hasAttachments..


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    20 Februari 2012 8:06

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  • I don't believe there's a single property that will contain this information (although I'd bet that the managed API would work something out for you, if you're using it - my guess is that you're not).  I think the simplest way would be to do an AllProperties (or specify Attachments if you want to be more efficient, depends how often the code runs), and see how many t:FileAttachment nodes are returned.  You don't actually need to get the Ids.

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  • Thanks ! 
    21 Februari 2012 8:27