Pivot Tables


  • Pivot tables - I want to copy a pivot table to another worksheet.  I know how to do this, however, when I copy or moved to a new worksheet the the rows that I have previously hidden appear.  The format of my pivot table is in a Tabular form.

    As I don't require the lines that I have previously hidden. is there a way of doing this without me deleting the individual rows that I don't want.  In the old version I use to be able to copy a pivot table to a new worksheet without formulas from the pivot table.  Any assistant would be appreciated.  thank you.

    15 Maret 2012 11:03


  • Paste Special then paste as Values. it will only paste whatever shown but not hidden in another worksheet.

    since it is just pure value, then you can do the formatting yourself or either Paste Special again to paste as Formats

    Hope this helps. cheers :)

    19 Maret 2012 14:49