Unable to access the Default Global Address List container in Exchange System Manager


  • Accidentally I managed to set Deny permissions to the Full Controll check box on the Security tab of the Default Global Address List (GAL) Properties dialog box. For the group "Everyone".

    Now the Default GAL no longer appears under All Global Address Lists, I can still access it from Outlook on Server but nobody else on network can do it and mail communication is broken.

    I found help in:

    However, after I found exact container path using adsiedit.msc, I cannot get dsacls work. When I typed in cmd:

    dsacls "CN=Default Global Address List,CN=All Global Address Lists,CN=Address Lists Container,CN=nameofcompany,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=mydomainname"

    it returns only error message "Parameter is not valid" (roughly translated from foreign language).

    Container path is as it is stated in adsiedit.msc, domain suffix was not listed here. Also, I noticed there is missing class (I was expectating "Container" value) status for Default GAL in adsiedit.msc.
    I tried dsacls with shortest path "
    CN=Configuration,DC=mydomainname" up to almost full "CN=All Global Address Lists,....DC=mydomainname" and it always returns security parameters. Only if I add last part "Default Global Address List", it won` work.
    Machine is running SBS2003 and Exchange Server 2003.


    Big thanks to every helping answer.

    04 September 2006 16:02

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  • According to number of replies, I messed it really bad.

    My plan is to make full disastery backup to tape (just in case) and then make restore of System State from backup made few hours before accident. This is the only one server on network and I did not made any changes from this time.

    As backup sw there is TapeWare 7.0, server is running SBS 2003 Premium, Exchange 2003, SQL.

    Will it work or should I be prepared for new arising problems?

    Thanks for Your help.

    M. Stasko

    06 September 2006 6:36