MOSS 2007 SP2 - Active Directory Ugrade


  • We are currently running MOSS 2007 Sp2 (v12.0.0.6535).  This weekend we are upgrading AD from 2003R2 to 2008R2 native mode.  I have been trying to locate a compatibility listing to confirm this version is compatible with 2008R2 AD but am unable to find confirmation.  I believe it will but I need positive confirmation.  Does anyone know if/where such a listing can be found?
    19 Juni 2012 15:32

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  • Are you able to log into SharePoint with your AD user/pass?   There's no list for SharePoint but you might want to change out the server forums.  The changes to AD operating mode would not be listed in SharePoint.

    Kris Wagner, MVP, MCITP, MCTS Twitter @sharepointkris Blog:

    19 Juni 2012 21:15
  • We are using AD authentication.  So I thought there might a supported patch revision level listed in a sharepoint deployment doc somewhere.  But I can't find it.
    21 Juni 2012 12:13