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  • I have a requirement of hosting about 150 internet-facing extranet-sites with MOSS 2007 with all different domain names. These names should be host-headers, so that minimum number of IP-addesses is needed. Some of the domain names should point to same site in order to access the same content, but with different language setting etc.


    I'm thinking about doing this with host-header site collections wich is almost perfect solution for the job, but is it possible to point more than one host-header to one site collection? If I could do that then I could make a custom redirection code to redirect to a proper subweb based on host-header and all the subwebs could access each others data, like this..

  would direct to site collection1/contentA and it'd look like would direct to site collection1/contentB and it'd look like would direct to site collection2/contentA and it'd look like



    It would be also possible for me to make a different host-header site collection for each domain name and make some of them just to redirect to same place. So there would be some 'dummy' site collections, but if I simply do 'Response.Redirect' then the URL in browser changes and that is not wanted and 'Server.Transfer' cannot be made to an absolute URL.


    So, is it possible to point more than one host-header to one site collection? It seems that it's not possible.. Or is there another way to host more than hundred sites with different domain names with single MOSS farm (and point multiple URLs to one site)?



    11 Februari 2008 12:05

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  • Just curious - did you figure out how to use more than one hostname per "hostheader" site collection?  I would like this approach as well..
    01 Maret 2009 17:55
  • You should be able to achieve this using Alternate Access Mappings and adding external URLs to the AAM collection for the site colletion.
    03 Maret 2009 18:30
  • Has anyone solved this case? 

    I got the same case, where my user want to access via 2 url into different site collection.


    http://spdev/sites1/Default.aspx -> Site Collection I

    http://spdev/sites2/Default.aspx -> Site Collection II

    Both Site Collection I and Site Collection II is on the same Web Application

    How my user want to access is 

    http://bi.spdev/Default.aspx -> for Site Collection I

    http://spdev/sites1/Default.aspx -> cannot be accessed

    http://spdev/sites2/Default.aspx -> for Site Collection II (no changes)

    http://bi.spdev/sites2/Default.aspx -> cannot be accessed

    I tried using Alternate Access Mapping (AAM), but It didn't meet with what the user want.

    Because by using AAM, user can access the Site Collection I via http://bi.spdev/Default.aspx and http://spdev/sites1/Default.aspx

    the same applies on Site Collection II.

    So can anyone tell me how to achieve it?

    Thanks before

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