Maximum used memory setting in Sharepoint Application pool


  • Hi,

            We have a 32 bit Intel xeon processor that houses 15GB of RAM in the Production environment.We have an instance of MOSS 2007 .

    The Application pool that hosts the SSP for performing search/crawl gets heavy and consumes so much of memory while doing a full crawl. The Memory Recycle properties of the app pool shows unchecked "maximum virtual memory"  and  "maximum used memory" .

    Will setting the maximum usable memory to some 9GB help the Processor intensive crawl operation ?

    Since the maximum value is not set(unchecked checkbox),does it mean that the app pool has access to the entire RAM capacity?Or does the app pool recycle after a predefined RAM limit usage ?



    19 Juni 2012 14:38


  • We are running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition which is a 32 bit version. The Processor is also a 32 bit one. I believe ,by default the processor can utilize 2^32 = 4GB of RAM.So will the installed 15GB be of practical use ?


    The main issue is that , While running Full crawl over the Content Source, we get over 700 errors that states "Error in the Site Data Web Service. (Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.) " .

    We were pondering whether it is related to : 

    1.App pool recycling due to insufficient memory , or

    2.Lack of some crawler impact rule, as simultaneous requests might overload the site causing memory exception.

    It is a direct result of the server running out of memory. With Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x86 with the /PAE switch you can allocate up to 64 GB of memory if your system supports it. In all honesty though, you are likely looking at migrating the farm to servers running a 64-bit OS.

    Increasing the values in IIS will not overcome this limitation.

    Jason Warren
    Infrastructure Specialist

    20 Juni 2012 16:48

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