Exist Multiple Domain Names in my organization make issue with SSL Certificate


  •  Hi!

    I’m preparing necessary background to install Outlook Anywhere in our Exchange Server 2007 (SP3), (Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard x64bit). Hence, I have already purchased SSL Certificate with wildcard capability and in the process of generating a Certificate signing Request.

    My problem is our internal domain name (abc.com) is different to external domain name (xyz.com). According to my understanding SSL Certificate (*.xyz.com)    may create conflict with (abc.com) at the production environment. (abc.com) is already purchased by different company.

    Please can anyone help me to resolve this problem?  

    Please send me any links which describe solution for this issue.


    14 Oktober 2010 8:35

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  • Hi,


    Form your description, I understand that you want to resolve the conflict between SSL Certificate(*.xyz.com)and (abc.com). For this issue, you can follow this document to have a try:


    Wildcard Certificate Causes Client Connectivity Issues for Outlook Anywhere



    If anything is unclear, please feel free to let me know and I will be glad to help.


    Best Regards,



    19 Oktober 2010 1:46
  • Hi Evan,

    Thanks for helping me, 

    I found that most suitable certificate for us is UCC cert which support all domain names & Exchange server 2007. So I ordered UCC cert Instead of Wildcard SSL Cert.

    But this Certificate is okay with our external domain (FQDN:  xyz.com) and (SAN: www.xyz.com, mail.xyz.com, email.xyz.com, autodiscover.xyz.com)

    So my internal domain (abc.com) which is already integrated with Exchange 2007, has been used and registered by some other company. Hence I’m not in position to add these (mail.abc.com) in to certificate. Without it all my Outlook clients may get certificate issue message at the time of opening outlook express.

    I have gone through lot of articles but didn’t found proper answer. Any Help on this regard highly appreciated.



    20 Oktober 2010 11:02
  • its ssl pontage problem,

    Use SSL with *.xyz.com from excternal and in the internal ISA server farward it using HTTP, not HTTPS

    or Use hosts file inside the ISA server

    Dhafer HAMMAMI

    28 Oktober 2010 10:45