Publish tab visible at the deployed publishing site


  • I created a publishing site collection (and let me call it as the Source site collection). In the same web application, I created a blank site collection in a different content database. I created a content deployment path where I said copy users but do not copy any security information. I then created a job based on this path.

    When I run the job, everything is getting deployed, but the users can still see the Publish tab when they view the pages. I feel that should not be visible to any users, even if the same author is visiting the deployed site, as I have mentioned that no security information should be copied.

    May I know what is causing the Publish tab to be visible in the deployed site? And how to make sure it is not visible to the users?


    22 Juni 2012 14:03


  • Check what the default security settings are in the destination site collection.  Although you didn't push security information when you pushed the users you may have pushed their group memberships also.  If they were authors and approvers in the source the default settings may give them access in the destination also.

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    22 Juni 2012 14:15