Manage Rules and Alerts windows disappears


  • Hi, I have a little strange behaviour.

    A user logon to a win2008 R2 terminal server, and opens outlook 2010. There is several Exchange and external POP3 accounts in his profile.

    When he try to open "Manage Rules and Alerts", the window open for a half second and then disappears. I have tested this my self and logged in as the user, and the same thing is happening. Any idea of how to correct this?

    Everything is running with latest patches and updates.

    No other user have the same problem.

    26 Nopember 2011 13:46

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  • Hi
    As your description, I think this behavior may cause by corrupted rules on server. If possible, please launch Outlook with “/Cleanserverrules” switch to server-based rules.

    28 Nopember 2011 4:24
  • Thanks for the answer, but it still don't work. Now all the rules are deleted, as I cannot see them in OWA.

    Any other suggestions?

    28 Nopember 2011 11:41
  • Just a test, I setup another terminal server with Office 2010, and i managed to login to the users Outlook and finally open the Rules and Alert window. But of course now all the rules are deleted and I guess the user have to recreate about 150 rules...

    But how to solve the problem on my original terminal server? Since the user have a dosen POP3 accounts there, I cannot simply delete the users profile on the server and let Outlook recreate it.



    28 Nopember 2011 15:31
  • This might work: Microsoft Answers; although it didn't for me.

    06 Maret 2012 12:26
  • Thanks OttoR, I already tried it, but it did not make any changes.

    06 Maret 2012 12:37
  • Hello Xcom3,

    Did you find the solutions of your problem,  I am also facing the same issue. And Tried all the above mentioned but with no luck!!


    Sainyam Aggarwal MCTS

    22 Maret 2012 6:39
  • No, sadly not. I tried the new Outlook Analyzer that was released a few weeks ago, but no luck.

    Ended up using another Terminal Server, maybe something is messed up in the local profile on the old terminal server, but I did not have time to troubleshoot it.

    22 Maret 2012 10:46
  • Hi Xcom3,

    The Issue triggered to me when I add additional Email Account to same profile. 

    There is no rules are configured in any of the account.

    Tried various thing to resolved the issue, like created new profile and re-install the whole Office 2010. but No Luck!!!

    I dont know the issue is with that particular additional account or what, I am going to create new testing mailbox and then test. 

    and update here if I find any solution.

    Sainyam Aggarwal MCTS

    23 Maret 2012 5:41
  • Samhope and Xcom3

    Windows 7 Ent 64-bit set up.  MS office 2010

    I have been experiencing the same issue.  It started when I added the second inbox to my outlook profile (using the Control Panel>Mail>Email Account>Add method).

    I removed the secondary account through the Control Panel>Mail>Email Account process.  I was able to restart Outlook 2010 and it seemed to have corrected the issue.  The real problem is, I needed access to the secondary account (however I had no need for rules..just simply needed ability to read emails from it). 

    I added the second account by running the following process:

    1. File
    2. Account Settings
    3. Account Settings
    4. Select Email tab and highlight primary email account
    5. Click CHANGE
    6. At the Change Account window, select MORE SETTINGS...
    7. Select the Advanced Tab. In the Mailbox section, select ADD
    8. type in the name of the mailbox and select OK.
    9. Select OK and exit out of this screen.

    I am now able to view the secondary email account. The only issue I've found is that when I respond to an email in the second email account, it sends the response from my primary inbox.

    Hope this helps.

    15 Juni 2012 16:11
  • Madinson:

    For the Sent Items, you have to apply this fix (be sure to have all the latest updates to Office 2010 before you start):

    Please create registry key to save sent items in shared mailbox.

    •         HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Preferences

    •         On the Edit menu, point to New , and then click DWORD Value .

    •         Type DelegateSentItemsStyle , and then press ENTER.

    •         Right-click DelegateSentItemsStyle , and then click Modify .

    •         In the Value data box, type 1 , and then click OK .

    •         Exit Registry Editor.

    For the main thing in this tread, I suppose there is some bug in Outlook somewhere, since more people are experiencing the same problem. My solution was simply to move the user to another terminal server, so I guess it was related to the local terminal profile on the terminal server (I didn't use centrally stored Terminal Server profiles).

    15 Juni 2012 20:41
  • Hello,

    I am running Windows 7 64-bit and Outlook 2010. I also had the problem where "Manage Rules and Alerts" window flashed and disappeared. After digging through many sites and threads I found the solution:

    For me, the core problem was my default General Mail Profile found in:

    Control Panel> Mail (32-bit)> Show Profiles (to find Mail (32-bit) change your view to large or small icons rather than "Category")

    I left my old profile and added a new one using my same exchange email as for the old profile. Then I selected "Prompt for a profile to be used" so that when I started Outlook 2010 I received the option to choose between the new and old profile. Because my exchange account was set to leave all messages on the server, as soon as I opened the new profile and allowed time for synchronization, I had all my emails and folders I had created in my old profile. When I selected "Manage Rules and Alerts" I received a message stating that the rules on the server did not match the rules on the client. Since I had already "cleaned server rules" following other threads' advice, I chose to keep the client rules. I was then presented with the "Manage Rules and Alerts" window and it did not disappear! Now I can go back and forth between my profiles to reconfigure my rules, set up stationary and any other items I had in my old profile. Once done, I can just remove my old profile and set my new profile as default in the "Show Profiles" window so I no longer have to answer which profile to use every time I open Outlook 2010.

    I really hope this helps someone with the same issue.



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    29 Agustus 2013 21:57
  • I found one thing regarding this window,

    If the option "Use cached exchange mode" is NOT activate in File-> Account setting the "Manage Rules and Alerts Windows" Disappears.

    For my part this option was uncheck for a second account, i removed the account and restart Outlook then do my rules and then put back the account that i just removed, restart outlook again and now it is all fine.

    You can also check the "Use Cashed exchange mode" if it is not check and uncheck it after.

    Ps: I don't know all the side effects of checking and unchecking the "Use Cached exchange mode" option.

    25 Juni 2014 20:15
  • I realize this is a really old thread, but if google brings someone else here this might help.  I was having this problem after I added a shared folder as a second email account so that I could add rules to that shared mailbox.  However, I did not first remove the shared mailbox from my main email account.  As soon as I removed the shared mailbox from the first account I was able to use Rules and Alerts for is as the seond email account.
    11 Desember 2015 1:01
  • Thank you for posting this information. I just started having this issue and found your note through a google search! I have two shared mailboxes connected to my Outlook and haven't had any issues until today. I'll call my EIT Service Center and hopefully they'll know how to fix it.
    10 Maret 2016 20:14
  • No solutions above have worked for me so far, and I've tried every one. sigh
    03 Juni 2016 20:26
  • This worked well for me.  Thank you.
    15 Juni 2016 22:08
  • 1. Remove Team\Additional mailboxes (if you have any).

    2. Close Outlook & Reset your rules by doing the following:

        - Start-> Run; outlook.exe /cleanrules

        - Test Outlook Again and see if it works, if so: Then readd your shared mailbox's.

    3. If No Joy: Then Run Outlook in Safe Mode to see weather this still problem exists.

        - Start-> Run; outlook.exe /safe

    4. If still no luck then Rename the below mentioned files and restart Outlook

         - outcmd.dat
         - outlook.srs
         - outcmd.dat

    Default outlook data Location: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\

    08 Agustus 2016 19:49
  • That fixed my issue. Thank you very much !
    31 Agustus 2016 16:38
  • Hi.

    Regarding: Outlook 2013 / Exchange Mailbox (MAPI)

    For us deleting the Rules and Alerts of either the primary and secondary mailbox brought a solution to make the option available again in Outlook.

    Additionally I removed the user account from the the MSExchDelegate... Attribute on the 2ndary mailboxes account in Active Directory (you have to double-left-click the account! Don´t use the search option, in order to find the Attribute Editor Tab)

    In case that you have issues with a shared or team mailbox, ask your colleague who can still access the rules and alerts windows in outlook to use the "Export" Option to create a backup.

    Solution #1:

    Push the Windows Button


    outlook.exe /cleanrules

    Solution #2:

    Ask your mail admin for the online webmail access link, and how to access the rules and alerts options

    delete all rules

    Let us all know whether my information was helpful.


    21 Desember 2016 10:06
  • Disclaimer: I don't have multiple users set up in Outlook the way other users in this thread do, so if you have that configuration, this may or may not work for you.

    My company's help desk suggested that I might be able to fix this by deleting rules from Outlook Web App.  I simply deleted the last rule I remembered editing, assuming that was the rule that was causing the issue.  It worked, and I didn't have to delete all of my other rules!

    I got the actual steps to edit the rules using the Outlook Web App Help page "Inbox rules in Outlook".

    I think your organization has to set up OWA for you to be able to use it.  It's a web interface that can access your Outlook email, calendar, and settings from web browsers so that you don't have to be logged on to the physical machine that has Outlook installed on it (Outlook 2010 for Windows 7 in my case).

    If you don't have OWA at your organization, you might have to contact your organization's Outlook administrators to have them delete your rules off of the Exchange server for you.  The problem with this approach is: if only one rule is breaking, unless there's some way for the administrators to delete one rule at a time with you looking over their shoulder, you may have to have them delete all of your rules.  But at least you should be able to re-add your rules afterwards once the "bad" rule has been deleted.

    P.S. I don't know what the problem with my actual rule was.  It was working fine until I added a few more values to the subject field list.  It may have just gotten too big.

    22 Agustus 2017 20:39