Exchange 2010 OWA Unsecure Set Automatic Reply returns 403 Forbidden: Access is denied


  • As stated in the title my http page OWA page in Exchange 2010 SP2, options link, will not allow for access of the out of office assistant page.  The IIS manager, OWA, SSL is NOT set for require secure connection.  I can find nothing regarding this situation on the net.  Help would be appreciated.
    martedì 31 gennaio 2012 17:39

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  • hi,

    You can log into OWA page,when you click the option ,you can't entry the office assistant page tab and you receive the error.

    I want to ask is it only for the office assistant page,how about other page??? Normal before???

    You can find more information about the error in IIS log,can you post the error here?



    giovedì 2 febbraio 2012 03:09
  • I have the same problem.  But everything has been working correctly with OWA redirects for almost 2 years.  I'm only on SP1.  But after patching (no Exchange patches) and a reboot on Saturday, I'm receiving this with my Port 80 call.  Nothing's changed but patching.  I'm going to check to see if there are any alerts or comments on them, but shouldn't have affected this.  I've doubled checked all settings and can't find anything.  Going to run a couple of tools first and check the logs.  But quite odd.


    martedì 27 marzo 2012 14:59