Sharepoint Custom Filter Web Part


  • hello,

    1. My Report accept 2 parameter Department and Region.  
    2. I want to connect both parameter with single web part having two drop down

    (one for Department and one for Region)

    3. Values from both the drop down should be passed to Department and Region
    4. Report should be rendered in Report Viewer Web Part

    1. Create a web part that adds two custom drop down
    2. Custom Drop down class that Implements from ITransformableFilterValues
    3. Have 2 Methods on the web pat each having ConnectionProvider Attribute and

    return instance of drop down control


    Even though 2 connection option is shown on my custom filter web part only one can be added

    For example - If I connect Filter1(custom web part) to Department then i am unable to connect it to Report Viewer web part again.

    regards Vimal

    domenica 19 febbraio 2012 19:12