Split-brain DNS Wi-Fi woes (trouble moving from internal to external)


  • I recently got Lync mobility installed (with my first Lync installation), including getting the mobility client to work both inside of our network over Wi-Fi as well as externally over cellular data connections. I'd previously considered this a positive victory, though now trying to decide if I need to potentially disable their ability to connect internally over Wi-Fi.

    Today I had been using my Lync client from inside over our Wi-Fi when I left to walk across the street to get some lunch. As soon as I got across the street, I curiously went to go look at the client to verify it had "switched over" without any problems. I can't remember if it had automatically disconnected me, or if I disconnected myself and attempted to reconnect. Either way - upon trying to connect back to Lync (now being over cellular data), it kept saying server not available. I immediately started to theorize a potential DNS issue since I had now switched from an inside network to an outside network. I ran logging while attempting to connect, and did so a lot of attempts to connect to Aside from that, *VERY* weirdly enough, the log contained code from our main website ( in it, as if it had been an HTTP return to a request?

    I reset my phone to clear out it's DNS cache, and of course, upon booting back up - it connected over cellular data immediately.

    I'm forseeing this scenario as being a problem in our environment (perhaps because we use split-brain DNS?) and was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts / recommendations for how I could potentially alleviate this possible problem before rolling it out to users?

    Thank you!

    2012年6月2日 6:36