Lync Client Address Book not auto updating for Lync clients who remain logged in


  • I am trying to figure out why my Lync Clients are not getting their Address Books auto-updated.  Most users in my organization will leave their systems "locked" each night...and not actually log out.  So essentially their Lync client stays logged in for weeks at a time.

    Should I expect their address books to get auto updated even though they do not log out of the Lync client?  I believed the 0-60 minute randomized time frame included while being logged into the Lync client for long, extended periods of time and didn't just update only when a user logged out of Lync and then back this supposed to work as I think?

    I have gone and "lync enabled" a new user (whose AD account had already been around for I didn't "just" create it)...then I've connected to my Standard Edition Lync 2010 server and manually run the "Update-CsAddressBook" command and then waited for my "still logged in" client to show that new user in the address book, but it doesn't update...not even overnight after the 1:30AM automated addressbook update by the server runs.

    I have tried uninstalling the client and removing ALL of the .cache files and Galcontacts.db(idx) files and then reinstalling the Lync client...."lync-enabling" a new user and still even after waiting a few hours, I still do not see the new user from the client.

    We have done one customization on our Address book where we have it filtered to only show "Lync-enabled" users instead of our entire GAL..(it actually still shows users from our local "contacts" folder..but that is a separate bug in of itself where the -excludedcontactfolders option does not work properly)  by using the ABSConfig tool...and I have heard stories that the tool may be responsible for AddressBook issues, but I am not showing any symptoms like the user's phone # showing up in place of their display name or something to that effect.

    Can anyone help with this?  Ideally, we're looking for a way (manual or otherwise) to update the address book on the server that will automatically update Lync clients with the most recent version of the Address book without having to log out and then back into Lync, or clear cache files, etc.

    Any help is appreciated!


    2011年7月22日 17:39


  • Hi,Bewel,

    Yes,the address book file update should work as you think generally.It's strange that your "locked" clients didn't auto-update it,seems the GAL file was occupied all the time  if the user keep signing in and the ABS service has no permission to update it on the client.

    What's the version of your Lync client and server?Please make sure you have the latest version of them.

    Are there any error messages on the Lync client?And any error or warning messages related to ABS service on FE servers?

    Would you please use Lync snooper to trace log of  the client address book file update procession.You can check it from

    And here is a good article about updating address book posted by Jeff for your reference.



    2011年7月26日 11:17
  • Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for the Reply.

    I do believe I have the latest version of Lync on the Server and client.  My client and server is showing Version 4.0.7577 and I've just recently applied the windows updates to both.

    I have checked the server and I have not come across any errors or warnings in the logs for the Address Book Service at all.

    I've read Jeff's article and have used it several times, it's definitely very helpful.

    I've also found out something else about Lync users that do not log out of Lync.  (Thanks to the "Address Book Service Resource Kit")  I've found out that when a user logs into lync, the user's ABS_(sipAddress).cache file is updated from the server and that is what allows the user to see the latest version of the address book.  But if a user does not log out of Lync and then back in...the "trigger" never happens to update it.  So what Lync does is it waits until the cache expires before "renewing" it automatically and the cache happens to be valid for 24 hours.

    So essentially, the user's ABS cache file gets updated during sign in to Lync and every 24 hours after sign in..if the user does not log off.   I need to test this a bit to see if it truly works as designed but haven't had the time as of yet.



    2011年7月27日 13:17
  • Hi,

    Would you please have a look at the user service or client configuration for Lync server?Such as Set-CsUserServicesConfiguration ,there are two parameters maybe related to this issue,DefaultSubscriptionExpiration and MaintenanceTimeOfDay .More details you can check



    2011年7月29日 10:31
  • Hi Sharon,

    I took a look at the settings there and they are all defaults....where the DefaultSubscriptionExpiration is set to 28800 (8 hours) and maintenancetimeofday is set to 1:00 AM.

    I don't see how these would play into things, but after some testing, my clients are still not auto updating when leaving Lync logged in all the time....even after 2 days.

    The only way they seem to update is by logging off and then back into Lync.



    2011年7月29日 20:05
  • Hi,there

    The maintenancetimeofday indicates  the time of day when regularly-scheduled database maintenance (such as the purging of outdated records) takes place. I noticed your maintenancetimeofday is set to 1:00 AM by default,and the AB file will be generated at 1:30AM by default,I suspect that the regularly-scheduled database maintenance of those users hasn't finished and the AB file generates then start to synchronize the information with the information stored in the user database,so there is some time conflict  between them.Would you please try to set the maintenancetimeofday more earlier and check again?

    Also,please try to enable Lync server Logging tool on the FE server and Backend server to verify it and get more information.You can refer the following links to check how to use it.



    2011年8月1日 2:15
  • Hi Sharon,

    I can try that, but I don't understand why the defaults for these processes would be set so close together in the first place.  I would also have to expect some anomaly to cause this issue because we have all of 15 users on the server and only add/change 1-3 a day and then check the results as to when (or if) the client address books get updated while remaining logged into Lync.  So essentially, in normal/working conditions I would expect a half hour to be enough to get the maintenance done before the address book is rebuilt daily.

    Can this maintenance be triggered multiple times each day...or are we locked in at only once a day?

    With the Lync logging there anything specific that I should try to log in looking for this difficulty or just turn it on for everything and start poking around?

    Also, in the interest of full disclosure, we have in fact used ABSConfig to modify the contents of our address show only the "lync-enabled" users. We did not want non-lync enabled users from our GAL showing up nor did we want Lync users to have access to all of our Distribution Lists either.   I have heard of folks that used ABSConfig and have had problems afterwards, but the problems were more like their user's phone numbers were showing up where their names should be, etc.  I truly don't think it is an AB corruption issue because a few of my clients do get their AB updates as I assume the issue may lie in the client's querying of the Server for the new whenever we do have user's (the one's not updating automatically while remaining logged in) log off lync and then back on, they do get updated within the 60 min interval as they that tells me that the server's AB is updating properly.




    2011年8月3日 16:55
  • Bewel,

    If you are suspicious of the modifying with ABSconfig tool  breaking off ABS service,you can look at the following article to restore the default ABS configuration



    2011年8月4日 2:38
  • Hi Sharon,

    Thanks.  I've reviewed that article before as well and have no problem using it if needed, however, I'm not convinced that's the problem.  The address book on the server is getting updated and clients do get the updated AB after logging out and then back into's just the client side "auto updating" that isn't working.

    Do you know of a way to verify the "age" of the local cache so we can try to predict when the client should be "auto" updating from the server for users who remain logged into Lync?  Because the theory behind the AB updating is whenever it contacts a Lync server when logging on ....or when it's "local cache" becomes 24 hours old if users remain logged into Lync.



    2011年8月4日 14:54
  • We are seeing the same thing.  If we update AD and then wait for sync to occur at 1:30am or run Update-CsAddressBook.  Client never updates even after 2 days.  Restart client, no change.  Manually deleting %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Communicator\sip_<username@domain>\, and restarting the client does show the change.  
    2011年10月26日 0:28
  • Same problem here. The Client is only updating correctly when the GalContacts.db will be deleted and the client is restarted. 

    Client and Server are running the latest versions. The GAL is updated every night correctly.

    2011年11月2日 14:02
  • We are also seeing the same problem.  The 24 hour update check for the cache in the Lync client does not work.  Sign in check does work.  I suspect that if that cache gets too old that may impact the Sign in AB check and then deleteing the .cache files is required.

    Any chance that we can get a code fix for this issue?  Please let me know if I should open a ticket.  Thanks.

    2011年11月9日 17:44
  • how did you customize your address book to only show lync enabled users?
    2011年12月1日 20:58
  • Hello everybody,

    I've opened GalContacts.db and GalContacts.db.idx via editor and saved it without making changes. After restarting Lync the Addressbook was updated correctly.

    In some cases I can't reproduce, I must delete all *.cache files which are saved in the folder sip_<username>.

    2011年12月20日 13:36
  • Same problem here. The Client is only updating correctly when the GalContacts.db will be deleted and the client is restarted. 

    Client and Server are running the latest versions. The GAL is updated every night correctly.

    I am at the same point. The client appears to be downloading the correct and new version of the GalContacts.db if the file does not exist in the Appdata store. But if the file exists, it does not appear to update when the address book supposedly synchronizes. No error is recorded on the Lync client side.
    2011年12月30日 17:46
  • Have the same issue, only updates when i delete the galcontacts.db etc

    we actually moved office and had Lync implemented in the old office so is even worse for us as we have most users which have stale phone numbers appearing when they search other users.

    Faisal Saleem Windows Systems Analyst 07595781867
    2012年1月9日 16:50
  • Has anyone found a fix to this?

    I too am having the same issue.

    2012年2月25日 16:20

  • Fire up Lync Configuration Information and check GAL Status as well as URL Internal From Server. Verify that these are configured (on Server Lync backend) and accessible.

    Please share with us if this helps. Thanks.

    TechNet Forum Moderator (Unified Communications) -

    2012年2月25日 17:15
  • The only thing I've found that works every time is simply deleting the user's sip profile (logout/login works sometimes, forcing a sync works sometimes). I wrote a little app that'll do it for you so you don't have to visit users who are having this problem. It works as a band-aid until Microsoft fixes this issue.

    2012年3月14日 20:19
  • We're also experiencing this issue. When adding a new lync account or making a change to an existing account, those changes aren't being reflected in the client after the standard waiting period of 48 hours. Once I exit the client and log back in, the client then tells me that the address book is being updated. Once updated, the changes are then displayed in the client. Would love to hear if Microsoft is working on a fix for this.
    2012年6月28日 14:02
  • @Thadwilliams,

    I'm not able to run LyncContactSyncr.exe (version 3/14/2012) neither on Win7 x86 nor Vista x86.
    It fails with error
    The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.


    Any advice? It'd be great help if users can run it on their own..
    2012年7月11日 7:51
  • @plug n pray

    I compiled 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the program and uploaded them to the site.  Try the 32 bit first, it should work on all systems. Let me know if you need anything else.



    ===== Thad

    2012年7月11日 12:12
  • thanks a lot for swift response, 32bit version works perfect!

    Would you consider coding the tool also for Communicator? ;)
    Can't find Lync
    I can't find where your Lync is installed. Please just launch it the way you normally do. Thanks

    The location of galcontacts.db is the same as with Lync.
    Default location of Communicator program is %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office Communicator\communicator.exe
    2012年7月11日 13:20
  • We don't have communicator so I can't fully test (even though Lync is actually communicator.exe). I can just alter paths in the program.

    Is the name of the db to be deleted galcontacts.db every time? In Lync it changes with the user's name.

    I uploaded new versions of the app that assumes the galcontacts.db file name is static. If it is, the new version should work for you. Keep me updated. 

    ===== Thad

    2012年7月11日 14:40
  • thx Thad!

    yes it always galcontacts.db, on Vista and Win7 located in user's profile:
    Windows XP didn't have %localappdata% env. variable, so I guess the path is
    %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Communicator\sip_User's-SIP-address\

    The new app version kills communicator.exe and wipes out the sip_User's-SIP-address folder (like previous Lync only app version),
    but unfortunately Communicator 2007 R2 is not started again.. (located on my computer in %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office Communicator\communicator.exe)
    2012年7月12日 9:17
  • Altered the app a bit. Let me know how it works for you. 

    ===== Thad

    2012年7月12日 12:42
  • does the job for Communicator now! thx a lot
    2012年7月18日 14:51
  • Wolfgang, our company has the same issue, and I was wondering if you solved your issue?

    Derek Koch

    2012年8月13日 18:20
  • Wolfgan, this should be closed off,
    2013年8月2日 14:22