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  • hello guys,

    is it possible to setup and configure lync mobility without reverse proxy at all, ??????? i have one frontend lync and one edge server at moment which works fine?

    My firewall is a Cisco ASA. I do not have a TMG in my environment.



    2012年5月28日 18:16



  • Yes, you can setup lync mobile without a reverse proxy.

    A very simple design like below will support lync 2010 mobility.

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    2012年5月28日 18:56
  • External requests go through the reverse proxy. Both the internal Mobility Service URL and the external Mobility Service URL are associated with the external Web Services FQDN. Therefore, regardless of whether a mobile device is internal or external to the network, the device always connects to the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service externally through the reverse proxy.

    And here is another post for reference. Hope helps.

    Noya Lau

    TechNet Community Support

    2012年5月29日 7:12