Error when I click on View Scopes


  • Running MOSS 2007 SP2:

    When I click Shared Services Administration: TEST SSP > Search Administration > Scopes > View Scopes I get an error message in the area that the list of search scopes would normally be located stating: Your search encountered an error. If the problem persists, contact the portal site administrator.

    My content is being indexed and I can get results with the default page ... see error message below:

    2012년 2월 6일 월요일 오후 5:12

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    Hi Paul,

    First, you can try to access that page through /_layouts/viewscopesettingsssp.aspx?mode=ssp&scope=<x>. The <x> is a scope ID, you can assign it as 0 or 1 etc.

    Then please check if there is any duplicate entries at the level of Display groups. If the duplicate entries is exist, you can try to remove the site collection which caused the duplicate entries.


    Pengyu Zhao

    TechNet Community Support

    2012년 2월 7일 화요일 오전 8:43
  • Hi - tried this and the result is the same (for scope = 1 through to 10 just in case).

    Also, the logs and event viewer are showing no entries that I see as related to this ...

    • 편집됨 Paul Fr 2012년 2월 7일 화요일 오전 10:25
    2012년 2월 7일 화요일 오전 10:24
  • Paul,

    Did you ever find a fix to this problem?

    2012년 8월 6일 월요일 오후 5:35
  • I ended up redeploying the search service to get this resolved - it was a test farm so not too concerned with retaining stuff. 
    2012년 8월 7일 화요일 오전 8:03
  • Did anyone solve this issue?
    2013년 9월 3일 화요일 오전 11:11