activesync android device doensnt sync with exchange server


  • Hello My friends, 

    I have maybe a simple problem..I see you know a lot about activesync working in exchange server..

    I have to sync 10 mobile phones/ users.. Samsung galaxy pro BT5510 android 2.3 with outlook in exchange server

    First phone sync OK

    Second phone sync OK

    up to five phone....but

    6th phone afters to configure appears account sync in phone but doesn't connect with outlook...when i go to email account..stay black screen and never appear mail box......in owa doesn't appears in phone list...???

    Please, appreciate your help because all are the same phones and the users have the same attributes....

    maybe exchange server has some limitation?? number of connections..capacity???? (Im not Administrator)

    I will appreciate so much your help!


    2012년 5월 19일 토요일 오후 5:43


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