How to add a server to SharePoint Admin user?

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  • Your question is not clear.

    Do you want to add a user to SharePoint Admin group on your production SharePoint server?

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    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오후 3:13
  • No. I want to add one of my production servers let's say pwd-A to my SharePoint Farm and give pwd-A all full control. Is it possible?
    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오후 5:00
  • Hi,

    You can add your server to sharepoint farm by the option of add servers into farm but what exactly you mean by assigning full control to it? Do you want to run all services on it?

    Thanks, Rahul Rashu

    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오후 6:51
  • Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for your post.

     I m in a process of running a SSIS package from SQL Job. The package extracts data from a SharePoint list to sql table using I run it as myself( I have access to SharePoint server site), it runs fine. But when I try to run as a system user, it fails.

    SO i m thinking of a way to add the server pwd-A that hosts SQL Server to the SharePoint farm so that SharePoint when sees that ok here's SQL Job from Pwd-A AS a System user is trying to access my list items, so lets grant it access! kind of...

    Please let me know if that explanation gave some ideas.

    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오후 8:27