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  • Hi,

    The deployment manifest <soultion> tag has an attribute "DeploymentServerType" , which takes either WebFrontEnd and ApplicationServer(not sure whats the default value though)

    DeploymentServerType = "WebFrontEnd/ApplicationServer"
      ResetWebServer = "TRUE"
      SolutionId = "GUID">

    For all my server farm, I have done MOSS installation of type "complete" for all my servers. Then as per requirement I have enabled different services(WEF, search, index, CA) on different servers. In this case, how does the deplyment solution knows which servers are a WEFs and which are application servers? Does it determine bt type of services running on a system or installation type(complete/WFE)?


    2009년 4월 13일 월요일 오후 5:36

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  • Honestly, I usually leave that attribute out.  It is optional.  I think the default is WebFrontEnd, but I am not competely certain.  If you are just doing standard development of features or whatever, I think it is safe to leave out.  It will deploy to any server on your farm that is marked as a web front end when you attached it to the farm.

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    2009년 4월 13일 월요일 오후 9:11
  • Hi Corey,

    I did the same thing, left that attribute out and the package got deployed in all the servers in my server farm, which I did not want. I wanted that to be deployed only two 2 WFEs ..

    What actually I wanted to know is, how the deployment package knows which servers are WFEs and which are application servers?

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  • anyway I need to test this in VMs to know about this ...
    2009년 4월 14일 화요일 오후 6:06
  • I've spent some time looking at this and will post my findings shortly.  What doesn't make sense is when you select ApplicationServer it appears that features do not get installed.
    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오후 9:33
  • Any server that has the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application service started (on Services on Server page) is considered a Web Front End Server. If you leave that DeploymentServerType attribute blank, it'll deploy on all servers that have that service started.

    You might have application tier servers that only run Central Administration and other SharePoint service applications, and you might want to deploy your solution only on those servers (for example Central Administration pages or Custom Actions). In that case, you set the attribute to "ApplicationServer".

    The downside, as Eric mentioned, is that if your WSP has features in it, they won't get installed automatically when the solution is deployed, no matter what you set on the Feature in your Visual Studio project. You have to manually run the stsadm or powershell commands to install your feature.

    2012년 9월 27일 목요일 오후 10:40