How to Receive Internal Emails Sent to Invalid Recipients


  • Dear All,


    We have a requirement, If it is possible to redirect all internal emails which are being sent to INVALID RECIPIENTS towards an administrator's email.



    If an email sent to

    123456789@mydomain.com (NON Existent Recipient Address)


    It should be forwarded to



    Any Tool or script through which we can achieve this?


    Many Thank.


    Junaid Abrar

    Junaid Abrar
    2012년 1월 16일 월요일 오전 11:50

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  • My Setup is

    Exchange 2010

    MAILBOX (6 Node DAG) Site Resilience


    EDGE Role in DMZ for External Mails

    Junaid Abrar
    2012년 1월 16일 월요일 오후 12:07
  • Hi,

    Yes, we have a solution for this problem, please check this tool.

    It works in the following way:

    if you send an email which has incorrect recipients, the Exchange Server replies with an message: Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; Host or domain name not found. Name service error. This is a special message auto generated by the Microsoft Exchange server. The tool I attached the link to, allows to specify Condition - Action set. Which in this case can be this: If an message with a special ContentClass ("IMP.Message.Undelivered") is received - Condition, forward this message to the administrator address.

    The tool solves more problem than just this one, and makes very complex approach to Microsoft Exchange server. But it would solve also your problem.

    Let me know if you'r interested, I can give you more details about this.

    2012년 5월 14일 월요일 오전 11:01