Lync Edge ports?


  • I'm having issues with my lync server due to ports.  My network engineer assures me there is no firewall blocking these ports but using netstat -a I can not see ports 443 or 5061 in the list at all.  Windows firewall is disabled.


    I'm not sure if there is a way i can configure this manually.  port 4443 is there, obviously this is stopping Lync front end talking to the edge server.


    any suggestions?



    2 iulie 2012 15:11

Toate mesajele

  • Never believe your network team! With that said the ports should be listed if the services are running. So first confirm the services are running then test the ports yourself by telneting from the FE to Edge and the Edge to the FE on the ports you want to test. If you have two Edge servers you can telnet between machines to confirm if Lync is listening on the correct ports.
    2 iulie 2012 15:35
  • You can easily test this yourself with telnet <server> port (443 and 5061)

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    2 iulie 2012 16:48
  • Hi, yes I tried telnet first on 443, 4443, 5061 and 80.  4443 I can telnet but that also shows as a listening port.

    I also think it's firewall related but it's just hard for me to prove.


    3 iulie 2012 08:01
  • If you are running "netstat -a" directly on the Edge server then you should see at least the following lines for static ports (the remaining ports will be dynamic ports and non-Lync specific services).

      Proto  Local Address            Foreign Address   State    
      -----  -------------            ---------------   ---------
      TCP             EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <Internal IP>:443        EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <Internal IP>:4443       EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <Internal IP>:5061       EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <Internal IP>:5062       EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <Internal IP>:8057       EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <Access Edge IP>:443     EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <Access Edge IP>:5061    EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <Webconf Edge IP>:443    EDGE:0            LISTENING
      TCP    <A/V Edge IP>:443        EDGE:0            LISTENING
      UDP    <Internal IP>:3478       *:*
      UDP    <A/V Edge IP>:3478       *:*

    If any of these are missing then it has nothing to do with a firewall and somehting is wrong with the Edge configuration or installation.

    You should be able to remotely telnet to any of the TCP ports (UDP ports do not respond to Telnet requests) from at least the Front-End (or Director) server. If the telnet connection opens (e.g. telnet to 4443 on the Edge internal IP from the Front End server) then you should be able to see the established connection as shown in this example:

    On Front End Server: "telnet edgeinternal.domain.local 4443"

    On Edge Server: "netstat -a | findstr 4443"

    C:\>netstat -a |findstr 4443
      TCP           EDGE:0                 LISTENING
      TCP    <Internal IP>:4443     lyncfrontend:61518     ESTABLISHED
      TCP    [::]:4443              EDGE:0                 LISTENING

    Jeff Schertz | Microsoft Solutions Architect - Polycom | Lync MVP

    3 iulie 2012 11:27
  • Hi you can also use this nice tool to check all your ports

    regards Holger Technical Specialist UC

    4 iulie 2012 14:46
  • Hi,

    You can check the lync poster to get thos information :

    You can use "telnet" to check if the port is correctly open.



    11 iulie 2012 09:26