ActiveSync connectivity?


  • Our environment is a bit unique in that the only internal domain we have is, but all emaill addresses are

    So if we tried getting Exchange mailbox access from iPhones, I'm not sure how it will work. There are MX record for, but no public MX record for

    Would mobile devices still be able to access Exchange emails?

    How would I need to configure the DNS records? Exchange ActiveSync configurations?

    Thanks for the help!


    1 iunie 2012 18:09


  • There is no requirement that your AD domain be an Exchange SMTP domain.  If you want Autodiscover to work, you will need an DNS entry and the server to answer it because it's derived from the SMTP address.  Everything else can go through whatever hostname you want, but remember that all the domains you use has to be in your certificate.

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    2 iunie 2012 00:11