WindowsUpdateClient ignores WinHTTP proxy settings each morning


  • Have a secured data center environment that utilizes a whitelisted proxy for all servers; the firewall denies direct TCP connections so using the proxy is the only method of getting outside.  

    I've configured the proxy settings in IE and then used netsh to configure the proxy system-wide.  IE works fine, Windows Update when executing manually works fine through the proxy for checking for updates and downloading the updates; have had zero issues installing Windows Updates since the server was deployed live.

    Every morning, there's an event ID 16 warning in the System event log as follows:

    "Unable to Connect: Windows is unable to connect to the automatic updates service and therefore cannot download and install updates according to the set schedule. Windows will continue to try to establish a connection."

    This is also mirrored in the windowsupdate.log file.

    The proxy logs on the proxy server have no entries at all for this time period (roughly 4:00 am each morning), so it's not like the proxy is unavailable.

    I'd like to either fix this or disable this Windows Update check as it's sending alerts every morning needlessly and obviously I'd like to keep the alerts as quiet as possible.




    26 ianuarie 2012 16:44


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