Problem receiving email from a particular domain


  • Getting email dropped from a single domain, that I know of, by our Exchange server. Running the delivery report from Exchange gives me the error below:

    Delivery Report for local user ‎(‎

    3/13/2012 8:58 AM
    The message couldn't be delivered.

    I can, and do, receive email to the same mailbox/email address on a daily basis without issue. Not sure where to start looking. Went through the Event Viewer for any kind of weird errors during the same time as the timestamp on the delivery report and there is nothing there. What can I provide to help get this resolved?


    14 martie 2012 16:28

Toate mesajele

  • hi,

    My understand is that one single domain can't send mail to your exchange. If the message haven't delivered to your exchange server, you can't use the delivery report to search the message in my mind, unless the message have delivered to your hub or edge server, in this case,it seems that the message can't be delivered to your mailbox. So your situation should be the latter.

    If my understand is not correctly,please feel free to tell us.

    You can find some useful information in smtp log and message tracking log.

    Please give us more information about your issue.

    hope can help you



    TechNet Community Support

    16 martie 2012 02:01