Fail to request for a new certificate using MMC


  • Hi,

    I’m trying to request for a new certificate using the MMC console , under the “Personal” directory when going to “all tasks” then “request new certificate” I’m getting the following error message “You must have at least one cryptographic service provider installed to perform this operation”


    Does anyone has a solution for that? Do I have to install something?


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    30 martie 2008 09:49

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  • Did you ever get a solution for this I have the exact same problem, the certificates are working for most machines in my network Windows7/XP but I have a few that are giving me this error message, and refuse to pick up a certificate.
    2 februarie 2012 16:48
  • Since the info doesn't tells something about the Exchange version I'll post 4 different links you can check for creating CSR and install the certificate



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    6 februarie 2012 07:50