Looking for a couple of perfmon counters....


  • Hi all, I've got a tool that will monitor the performance monitor of our servers. 

    -- Is there a performance monitor counter that will tell the number of concurrent Lync-to-Lync calls (Not Enterprise Voice Telephone calls)?  Perfmon counter that tells the total number of Lync-to-Lync calls (not Enterprise Voice telephone calls)

    -- Performance monitor that tells me how many people are signed in to Lync via an edge server?  Sign in to Lync via

    -- (long shot) - Performance monitor counter that will tell me the number of peer-to-peer Instant Message sessions? (is currently active peer-to-peer instant messages or total number of peer-to-peer instant messages?)

    I see there are four different categories of Conferencing Perfmon counters (ASMCU, DATAMCU, IMMCU, and MEETINGMCU).  Can someone tell me what each one is (brief description? 

    I'm looking for a single perfmon counter that will tell me the total number of active conferences (regardless of the type of conference)


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