Outlook 2007 open email display


  • Hi All

    I just began using Outlook 2007.  When I have multiple emails open (6+) the titles appear stacked in a window.  THe background in the window is translucent so I can read the text (though it's blurry) on the page behind the window with the stacked email titles. This set up makes it very hard to read the titles of the open emails--the text inside the window is white so reading it against a translucent background is very difficult. Our IT folks remoted into my  machine to try to change this and make the window background opaques.  WHen they are remotely connected, the window is opaque and their comment was that a remote connection doesn't support all the settings.

    I tried changing settings byright clicking on that task bar, opening Properties and unchecking Aero Peek.  I fiddled with other settings in the properties window too, but nothing I do makes the background in the window for the stacked titles of open email opaque and easy to read.

    Hoping someone can help me with this issue.

    THanks very much

    Kathy (Dogmom5) 

    11 มีนาคม 2555 23:10