Relative path for Visio and PDF files is problematic


  • Vision 2010, XP OS, Adobe Acrobat X Pro V 10.1.3

    SharePoint site has a top level that is not accessible to some of the pages below it.  User that have contribute & edit capabilities but are not admins to a site cannot access a .vsd drawing hyperlink unless the Use relative path for hyperlink is checked.  However, if I save the drawing as a .pdf the relative hyperlinks don’t work as they need the whole path.  What I end up doing is unchecking the Use relative path for the hyperlink on each hyperlink in the drawing to create the PDF, then I have to go back and uncheck the setting so these individuals can access the hyperlinks in the original .vsd file.  Very time consuming, is there a setting on the SharePoint privileges that will allow me to leave this box unchecked all the time?

    Tom Morris

    21 มิถุนายน 2555 18:39


  • Hi Tom,

    I didn't try this yet, but I doubt there's anything that can be done on SharePoint side to fix this. SharePoint is hosting the files that you're uploading. Now, if a document has a link, it's upto the client program of that document (i.e. visio or acrobat) to interpret the links. If it's a valid link, it'll work or won't.

    Are you converting the document to PDF format using Acrobat printer or built in feature from Visio? Try both options and see if that helps.


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