Lync 2010 Client username shows up as a different user to others in a conversation


  • I have a very strange issue with Lync 2010 clients.  We migrated from Office Comunnicator 2007 R2 to Lync 2010 successfully and this started to happen with some of our clients.  A few users have complained that when another users chats with them, the Lync client window shows a different user, a user that is no longer with the company. For example UserA opens a conversation window with UserB but they see a different username, UserC who is no longer with the company.  Upon further investiagtion I discovered that UserC has been setup as an email alias in UserB's mailbox. I checked the mailbox of UserB and it is properly setup as the primary SMTP email address and SIP address.  We are using exchange 2010 and outlook 2010. Any ideas?



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  • This is directly from Microsoft Lync support (note that if you have multiple client policies, you'll need to specify the one to update using the -Identity parameter for Get-CsClientPolicy.  Otherwise you'll get an error):


    Here is how to set the property:

    $PolicyObject = Get-CsClientPolicy

    $PolicyEntry = New-CsClientPolicyEntry -Name EnableContactMergeUsingProxyAddress -Value $False


    Set-CsClientPolicy -Instance $PolicyObject




    Look for the Property named PolicyEntry with a value of: {Name=EnableContactMergeUsingProxyAddress;Value=False}


    Setting it to false will prohibit the client from merging the contact’s email address and ProxyAddress.  It will require the Lync Client to log out and back in to get the new policy once it is set.



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