Install Error - Visio 2010 Premium


  • Hi there,

    I'm tryng to install Visio 2010 Premium (32bit) on my Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) laptop (all MS Office components are 32 bit). I DL'd the install file from DigitalRiver. When I start the install I get the following message shortly after I provide the activation key & click "Install Now":

    "Setup cannot find Visio.en-us\ Browse to a valid installation source, and then click OK."

    The dialogue box takes me to a view of my User temp folder and sets focus on a particular folder that contains the cab file it claims it can't find. If I choose any other folder, or even the Visio.en-us folder itself I get an "Invalid Location" error.

    Another link (regarding an Office install, but a similar message) implies it might be an issue with the local cache??

    Here is a link to a similar problem with Visio 2007:

    Finally, I took a look at the Setup.xml file in the phantom Visio.en-us folder and found this at the end (the paths described seem to be correct):

     <LocalCache DownloadCode="{90140000-0054-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}" SkuComponentDirectory="Visio.en-us">
      <File Id="VisioMUI.xml" MD5="3ABD97FD9719AB5883548BD0674DCD17" Size="9502" RelativeCachePath="VisioMUI.xml" RelativeSourcePath="VisioMUI.xml"/>
      <File Id="VisioMUI.msi" MD5="A33BDFEBC93C64B507D1E70C0AD1F946" Size="2087424" RelativeCachePath="VisioMUI.msi" RelativeSourcePath="VisioMUI.msi"/>
      <File Id="" MD5="23819FCA31B730E23ECFD5CE4061BAD9" Size="50798159" RelativeCachePath="" RelativeSourcePath=""/>
      <File Id="Setup.xml" MD5="" Size="" RelativeCachePath="Setup.xml" RelativeSourcePath="Setup.xml"/>

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!






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