OneNote - interlink fields and variables to auto-populate pages?


  • I love using OneNote, but I need it to be a little more robust for easing the management of what I'm tracking.

    I have an organizational page with sub-pages for the staff, and then there is the main pages for active/suspended/finished projects with sub-pages respectively for each project.

    I would like to have a field in my sub-project pages in which I can list the staff involved and have the title of that project's sub-page to be added to a table of projects & statuses for each of the staff sub-pages respectively.

    I know it would be rather straightforward to do this in excel, but I've spent too much time trying to make excel useful for taking notes, I need a better alternative.

    If there is a different Microsoft product that allows for that level of detail / customization I would be very interested in trying it out.

    Thank you,
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