How to hide "Delete Item" from ECB menu for 1 specific custom list


  • The ECB menu is built when a user clicks on the list item and is based on a hidden table on the page that contains all ECB menu items. To hide a menu item, just find the correct row of the table and remove it.

    Code Snippet

    <script type="text/javascript">

    var elemTable=document.getElementById('ECBItems');

    if (elemTable !=null) {
        var elemTBody=elemTable.childNodes[0];

    //iterate each table row to find the correct ECB menu item to hide(remove)

       for (var iMenuItem=0; iMenuItem < elemTBody.childNodes.length; iMenuItem++) {
            var elemTR=elemTBody.childNodes[iMenuItem];
            var elemTDTitle=elemTR.childNodes[0];
            var title=GetInnerText(elemTDTitle);

     //here we filter on title, but the table contains more information if need be

            if(title =='Preview') {




    hope this helps

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