Condition in CAML Query


  • Using SharePoint Designer 2007;

    My list look like this

    ID   FirstColumn   Service   Other column1   Other Column 2
    1 ABC All ppppp uuuu
    2 BCA All yyyy jjj
    3 DDD First uuu jj
    4 EEE Double iiii jj

    I'm trying to display the list data using dataview webpart using SharePoint designer. Below is my query


    <Eq><FieldRef Name="ID"/><Value Type="Text">{ItemID}</Value></Eq>
    <Eq><FieldRef Name="Service"/><Value Type="Text">{xxxxx}</Value></Eq>

    I'm getting the FirstColumn and ID value as input from query string , with these values, I need to get the value of Service column, so I need to have a condition like

    xxxxx= if(FirstColumn = BCA) then return All

    How do I have a condition within CAML query? Any ideas?


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