Different structured views in a Document Library


  • Is there a way to have a document library that for example had a structure of say a financial period under that some locations then in those locations various documents. So my question is there a way to create some sort of a view either in the server or in designer where a simple click could change the structure so lets say you see the locations which go into the finacial period which then have the various documents.


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  • No, you can't change the view of the order the folders are setup. You can, however, configure your view to ignore folders and show all documents in view.

    Try not to treat the document library like a file structure. There may be cases when using folders makes sense, but for the most part, I'd suggest not to use folders. Instead, use meta data information by creating various columns. Then you have much more flexibility. You can configure your view to group by certain columns in anyway you like.

    Hope that helps.


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