Users on other networks unable to communicate with Lync users


  • I have a very odd situation I am looking for some guidance on.  We have PIC licensing for Lync and federation is established with Yahoo and Live Messenger and it works fine for the most part.  Our Lync users have outside customers they communicate with over IM.  These customers mostly use Yahoo Messenger.  When the outside customers (I'll refer to them as Yahoo users from this point forward) are logged into Yahoo Messenger on their desktops, messages and presence flow both ways and everything is happy.  However, when a Yahoo user logs out of his desktop Yahoo client and into the Yahoo Messenger client on his Blackberry, the Yahoo user can see Lync user's presence but my Lync users show the Yahoo user offline and messages no longer flow either way.  Logically, I would think the Yahoo Mobile client for Blackberry doesn't support communicating with Lync so I started some testing and this is what I have found.

    I tried this same thing with Yahoo Messenger clients for both IPhone and Droid.  This is where it gets really strange.

    IPhone - Lync users could see Yahoo user presence and receive IMs from Yahoo user, but Yahoo user cannot see Lync user's presence and cannot receive IMs from Lync.

    Droid - Presence flows both ways, Lync user receives IMs from Yahoo but Yahoo user does not receive IMs from Lync.

    This same thing is happening when logging into Live Messenger mobile client as well.  I haven't tried Google Talk as I do not have an XMPP gateway deployed.

    Is anybody else running into this?  I've had a consultant talkng to both Microsoft and Yahoo about this and they each keep pointing fingers at each other.  This is not a Blackberry problem as the issue is not just showing up on their platform.  My consultant also has a hosted Lync provider and they are having the same issue.  There has got to be a fix out there for this.

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  • Hi tundradriver,

    Yes, I’ve seen such issue when the PIC partners use the mobile version.

    Lync supports IM and basic presence with public IM networks. At present, the supported PIM clients are Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, AOL, and Yahoo!.

    Noya Lau

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  • Okay, but that doesn't really answer my question.  If you have seen it before, what needs to be done to correct it?  I'm thinking more that it has to be a Lync issue since it is happening cross-platform on IOS, Android and Blackberry, maybe some type of API that needs to be added to Lync to be able to communicate with mobile Live and Yahoo clients.  Or maybe the mobile clients are looking for something in the Edge certificate that the desktop client isn't, I have no idea.  Thanks.
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