'Add' button intermittently working for attachments in SharePoint 2007


  • Hi, we are using SharePoint 2007 and have recently encountered an issue where the 'Add' button on the attachments screen of a SharePoint list doesn't work. When first navigating to the list, the 'Add' button works indefinitely and never fails. However, as soon as you navigate away from the list and come back, the 'Add' button stops working and never starts working again until you restart IE. If you don't restart the browser, clicking the 'Add' button does nothing, not even freeze the browser. The browser does not appear to be attempting anything after the button is clicking, so it's like it's dead after you move away from the page and come back. Any ideas? We're really puzzled as to what could cause something like this. Thanks.
    14 Mart 2012 Çarşamba 13:04


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