ABSConfig.exe on Lync 2010


  • Hello,

    We have Lync Server 2010. Yesterday we had ran the ABSconfig.exe as we wanted to update the address book. But because of that now when I search any user in the Lync Client, his status is not shown. The photo is also missing. I can see only telephone icon for that user. The users who are in the contact list are working fine. It happens only for the searched user.

    I went through this link, but no luck.

    Kindly suggest.

    06 Haziran 2012 Çarşamba 09:51


  • I did the following and it worked:

    Set-CsClientPolicy -AddressBookAvailability WebSearchOnly

    Manually deleted the ABS files in file share (File Share -> Web services -> ABFiles -> 0000's -> 000's)

    Ran Update-CsAddressBook

    Once the Address Book was updated, the issue was resolved and users were able to search correctly.

    Then I revert the client policy by running the command:

    Set-CsClientPolicy -AddressBookAvailability WebSearchAndFileDownload

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