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  • I am running the Lync Server Standard Editions and Edge Lync Server. The users can log in the lync externally. but there is an error of address book.

    The Error: 

                  Cannot Synchronize with the corporate address book. This may be because the proxy server setting in your web browser does not allow access the address book.

    Hi Just want to confirm with you all...

    on the IIS of Lync Server. there are two Lync Web site which is "Lync Server External Web site" and "Lync Server Internal Web site". Should the two site have the same Certificate?

    I am also have difficulty on synchronising the address book from the external user. I have reverse proxy TMG 2010 configured. 

    What I've test and done?

    I can able the access "" and "" and

    also the authentication prompt is appeared when  ""

    I can able to download a file ""

    I also Unchecked the "check for server certification revocation*"

    I also add as trusted site zone.

    What's else I've missed. kindly need your help.

    Aliyani Sabrey

    11 Haziran 2012 Pazartesi 12:29


  • The two web sites in IIS on your SE server should share the same certificate but each will have their own FQDN and SAN entry on the certificate. For example, and This external FQDN should have a DNS entry in your public DNS servers and the IP address should resolves to the TMG server which should have an SSL listener configured on Port 443. The TMG server should then pass the original host header to the SE server to the SE server on Port 4443.

    If that is as clear as mud try this

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