Cannot remove Exchange 2003 from control panel


  • Hi,

    we have recently move from exchange 2003 sp2 to exchange 2010 sp2.  All mailboxes and public folders as well as the address book have been moved to exch2010.  

    Now i want to un-install exchange 2003 via the control panel.  First thing i notice is that the Microsoft Exchange icon in Add Remove programs has a padlock sign.  I have never seen this before.  When i click on Change/ Remove on MS Exchange, its says 'setup is loading the installation components and that it may take a minute or two'.  But nothing actually happens after 5-10 mins.

    Not sure where to go from here.



    2012年6月2日 13:57


  • Run Setup from the CD and choose to remove.

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    2012年6月2日 19:56