EMET application specific configuration - BUG report


  • Hi,


    I have used EMET for changing my Win7 (Home, SP1, IE9) system from Opt-In to Opt-Out for DEP. After some months withozt problems I finally found an application (a game) that seems to have problems with that setting. Therefore I tried to disable DEP for that game but EMET does not allow to configure that specific app.

    If I try to configure the game's executable programxyz.exe via EMET GUI or command line I only get the error message "programxyz.exe is not a valid exe".

    I made some more test and found out that this happens with all executables within a specific folder o my hard drive. To be specific this sub-folder called "C:\Programme2" is a junction point where a whole partition is mounted. This is the only junction point where this partition is mounted. If I copy the specific exe to a different directory on the hard-disc that is mounted as C:\ EMET correctly recognizes it and allows to configure it.

    It seems like EMET is not aware of junction/mount points.

    As the process of reporting bug to Microsoft is totally intrasparent I hope that posting this bug report here will reach the correspondent developers.

    2011年4月23日 14:55