Is it possible to upgrade SBS 2003 Standard to SBS 2003 Premium R2?


  • I have been searching all over for a solution and process but have been unable to find one.  We are a small company but am finding that I still have a need for the ISA Server. Thanks!

    2008年1月13日 23:34


  • Yes it is possible.  here's some info i found on it.


    Version Upgrade (from SBS 2003 Standard Edition to SBS 2003 R2 Standard Edition)

    $299 T72-01415


    Version Upgrade* (from SBS versions 4.0, 4.5, 2000, or 2003 Premium to Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Premium Edition)

    $699 T75-01256


    Product Upgrade (from SBS 2003 R2 Standard to SBS 2003 R2 Premium)

    $699 T75-01260


    So this is confusing. i think we need to T72-01415 and T75-01260. I'm in the same situation as you but instead if ISA i need SQL 2005


    here is the link. Hopefully someone from MS will confirm this for us.



    2008年2月13日 0:19
  • Anyone feel free to jump in and answer this question. Would it make more sense to Upgrade a SBS server let same to Windows 2003 r2 and migrate Objects to a new Forest or to install an new Windows 2003 r2 server move the FSMO and Global Cat to the new Windows 2003 re server, then migrate to new Forest?

    Richard Parker

    2012年4月13日 18:03