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  • When I migrate a folder to   O365 SharePoint or ODFB using the SharePoint Migration Tool, the folder modified date becomes today's date. The files within the folder maintain their original modified date. Is there a way for the folder to maintain the last modified date?


    Friday, December 21, 2018 1:23 AM

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  • Its an option in Sharegate tool (3rd party) I am not sure in the SP migration tool

    You can use the SharePoint Online Management Shell to migrate on-prem content (from file shares and on-prem SharePoint) to SharePoint Online. This client preserves the created, modified by, and author information.

    # Run from the SharePoint Online Management Shell 
    $creds = (Get-Credential
    $sourceFiles = '\\server\share\sales\package'
    $sourcePackage = '\\server\share\sales\package'
    $targetPackage = '\\server\share\sales\packageTarget'
    $targetWeb = ''
    $targetDocLib = 'Documents'
    # Create new package from export
    Export-SPWeb -Identity "http://mysharepointserver/sites/myweb" `
        -Path $SourcePackage `
        -ItemUrl "/Lists/ListToExport" `
    # Convert package to a targeted one by looking up data in target site collection
    $convertedPackage = ConvertTo-SPOMigrationTargetedPackage -SourceFilesPath $sourceFiles `
        -SourcePackagePath $sourcePackage `
        -OutputPackagePath $targetPackage `
        -TargetWebUrl $targetWeb `
        -TargetDocumentLibraryPath $targetDocLib `
        -Credentials $creds
    # Encrypt, upload to Azure, and submit the migration
    $report  = Invoke-SPOMigrationEncryptUploadSubmit -MigrationSourceLocations $convertedPackage `
        -TargetWebUrl $targetWeb `
        -Credentials $creds
    # Get the progress of the migration job
    Get-SPOMigrationJobProgress -AzureQueueUri $report.ReportingQueueUri `
        -TargetWebUrl $targetWebUrl `
        -JobIds $report.jobId `
        -EncryptionParameters $report.Encryption `
        -Credentials $creds

    Friday, December 21, 2018 7:50 PM