Sync Issues Between Users for Project 2013 & SharePoint Sync List RRS feed

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  • I am having sync issues between my SharePoint List and Project 2013. For example, User A will make changes within the Microsoft project, adding new tasks, deleting others, adjusting cell data, etc. User A will save, the file will indicate a successful synchronization and exit out the file. User A can view the new additions he/she made within the SharePoint list on the webpage. Everyone's happy right?

    Welllllll, User B, who manages different tasks within the list, opens up the project file to make corrections and is met with a sync issue notification. This notification asks User B to either keep the SharePoint Version or maintain the Microsoft Project Version. The sync issues most commonly involve the adjustments previously made by User A and asks User B whether or not they would like to keep the changes or undo what was just done by User A (which doesn't make any sense! why is this user being asked these questions? The previous changes ARE the new version, User B should not asked whether or not to keep them).

    If User B clicks 'keep Microsoft project version' the version they end up seeing is an old version, without User A's new updates. If User B clicks 'keep SharePoint version' the program crashes.

    I had to have our SharePoint team add special permissions group created so that users could add tasks to the list, which they were not previously allowed to do; users could only adjust cell data, but not add tasks.

    Looking for any advice or assistance.

    Friday, July 1, 2016 1:24 PM