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  • I am successfully syncing the majority of my project schedules between SP and MSP, but it's only a few with two particular issues that I am struggling with. I am creating a task list on my SP project site, then opening the task list with MSP from the ribbon. Once I've done this once and mapped the fields, I usually don't have issues. I always open the schedule in MSP to make any changes.

    Here are my two problems:

    Issue 1: Display order

    Some (not all) of my schedules are appearing out of order. As a workaround, I tried adding an ID column in MSP so I could map it and then sort by that column in the SP default view. There are two types of ID fields in MSP - "task ID" which is supposed to show the sequence of tasks as you have them displayed in a particular order. Then there is "Unique ID (task field not resource field)" which is the order in which you created the tasks.

    When I select the column type in MSP, there is no option for Task ID or Unique ID. There is only “ID.” It appears to automatically number them in sequence order (so it appears to be task ID). Then I create a column in my SP list called “order” so I can set it to sort that way. When I do this, the “Unique ID” numbers are what shows in the order column in SharePoint, so it sorts it in the order the tasks were created, which is useless. In MSP I go to map the ID field to the order field, and I don’t have the option to do so.

    What I tried:

    • setting the “order” field as a text field instead of a number field, since I only see number-related options in the dropdown, but it’s the same when it’s set to a text field.
    • creating a new column as “Number1” and manually numbering each task (which again is a very tedious method), and then mapping Number1 to Order, and I’m still seeing the “Unique ID” value in my SP list.
    • I don’t think it has to do with my version of MSP because those support pages I linked to above lists my version (Project Online Desktop Client).
    • I know the sync is working because other changes are reflecting properly as I switch between MSP and SP. I generally ONLY make changes in MSP and not to the SP list to avoid any syncing problems.

    Issue 2 – syncing an MSP template

    I need to be able to re-use a complicated MSP schedule that I built for multiple projects. I created a SP task list, opened it in MSP, built the full schedule, and then mapped the fields and synced it back to SP. I then saved that project site as a custom template so that when you select that template for a new print revision project, the schedule is already populated, and the PM just needs to open it in MSP and select the end date and sync.

    However, I realized that the customized working times (the blackout dates for holidays etc) are blank when you create the new project page with the template. Ideally I would like to resolve this issue, but I’m not sure it’s possible.

    As a workaround, I thought we could save the MSP schedule as a MSP file on our main SP resource site, and then after the SP project site was created, open the MSP project schedule from the file and save it over the blank SP task list. When I do that, the save screen where I click to sync (and map the fields) says "Project web app accounts"  instead of "save and sync your project" (it won't let me add screenshots here). 

    I only get this problem when I save an MSP template over a SP task list. Syncing works perfectly fine for any other schedule (I have over 30 of them active on our SP site).

    When I click the account tab in MSP, everything looks like it’s connected properly.


    Friday, July 26, 2019 8:48 PM