P10 - Timesheet Name, Setup or Change


  • We are using Project Server 2010 and timesheets.  They are created no problems.  However, we want the timesheet to have the name of the time period rather than "MY Timesheet".  For example, for the week of April 8-14 we want the name to be "April 8-14".  In the Time Reporting Periods screen, the Batch Naming screen with prefix and suffix seem to only affect the Period Label.  This doesn't resolve the issue for us as that is not the NAME field. 

    So, the question is if this can be setup from the beginning OR if there is a way to change the name after they are created.


    Wednesday, April 18, 2012 7:09 PM


  • Collin --
    In Project Server 2007, we used to be able to change the actual name of the timesheet.  To do this, we had to display the header for the timesheet and then could enter a custom name.  This functionality was removed in Project Server 2010, so alas, I am not aware of any way that your users can rename their timesheets, either during creation or after the timesheets are created.  Sorry, but hope this helps.

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