How to use project priority properly with respect to task priority RRS feed

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  • Say a mega master project contains 100 subprojects. I was wondering whether for projects this size if one should use project priority or flat project priority and use task priority to prioritize tasks across different projects.

    Here is my scenario and we have run into this in real life case - so this is not hypothetical.

    • We have a pool of resources, close to 100
    • The resources can be doing activities for an existing product, working on the current plans or working on future projects
    • This is not uncommon - the are disruptive work which are very hard to predict - for example if a production system is down we have to move a couple of people to help it back up and running
    • So the resources are pretty flexible on what they will be working

    Things we have tried:

    • Set artificial predecessors (works on some cases but impacts our ability do real leveling). And think inter-project dependencies. Not pretty
    • Set project priority based on importance of the project (but some tasks in lower priority projects need to be done ahead of lower priority tasks in higher priority projects to progress the work properly). Leveling is so damn difficult for this scenario without too much inter-project dependencies. Oh, and these dependencies are artificial - again can be done independently, it is just a matter of resource constraints.
    • Flat project priority, use task priority only (we run out of task priorities - imagine 100 projects active at the same time. We are losing project priority.

    So, I am just wondering how other people are handling projects with lots of resources and projects happening at the same time in parallel.

    Thanks in advance.

    Monday, August 15, 2016 11:20 PM