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  • I have a plan in MS 2013 that I have done for a client.  The resources work 36 hours/week, roughly 144 hours per month.  When I go to the resource usage view I see 173 and more hours for a month but they are not in red nor is there a red man on the Gantt.  I sent the file to my client and on a call he has red numbers all over the the resource usage, yet when he sends the file back to me untouched, I show no over allocations.  

    When I change the leveling option from week by week to day by day it does show over allocations.  I just do not understand why the difference between when I open the file versus when my client opens it.

    I believe my client is on MS Project 2016, but not sure.

    My software is:

    Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

    I hope someone can enlighten me.  Thanks.


    Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:09 AM

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  • Paul,

    The version you cite is the Windows version and has nothing to do with the version of Project. What type of Project are you using (i.e. MSI or Project for Office 365)? The most current version of Project 2013 is 15.0.5101.1000. If you don't have that version, run Windows Update.

    It shouldn't matter if your client is on Project 2016 while you are on Project 2013. As far as I know, there is no change to the way resource leveling options work between those versions.

    You said the issue is with overallocation on a monthly basis but then you say you changed from week by week to day by day. Does month by month not show overalloation but week by week and day by day do?

    What calendar are you using? Is it the same calendar used by your client?

    It would be helpful to see a screen shot of the Resource Usage view showing resource hours using a monthly timescale.


    Thursday, April 18, 2019 2:01 AM
  • Aahh... I think I've got this.

    Check your leveling options. Take a screenshot. Send it to your client so that he can make sure that you both have the same set of leveling options, especially the over-allocation resolution (day by day etc). The leveling options do not get included with the file.

    Also, insert the peak field into the entry table of the resource sheet view, so you can see how much over allocated the resources are.

    Also, use the resource graph, with appropriate resolution to pin down the exact date(s) and task(s) where the over allocation is occurring.

    Also, make absolutely certain that there are no resource assignments on summaries.

    Also, the extra 173 hours per month will remain a mystery at the monthly timescale resolution. Instead, look for anyone with more than 8 hours of work each day.

    Hope this helps

    Thursday, April 18, 2019 2:42 AM