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  • Hello all,

    I have two formula Custom fields 'Project Schedule status'(R,G,A,C Indicators) and 'Project effort status'(R,G,A,C Indicators) . Now I also have 'Overall schedule status' which will be the result of worst case of 'Project Schedule status' & 'Project effort status' i.e 

    if both the fields have 'R' & 'G' then Overall schedule status will be 'R'.Kindly let me know how can I achieve this.

     Project Schedule sttaus:- IIf([% Complete] = 100, "C", IIf([Scheduled Finish] >= [Baseline Estimated Finish] + 14, "R", IIf([Scheduled Finish] <= [Baseline Estimated Finish] + 7, "G", "A")))

    Project Effort status:-IIf([% Complete] = 100, "C", IIf([Actual Work] >= [Baseline Work] + 14, "R", IIf([Actual Work] <= [Baseline Work] + 7, "G", "A")))

    Thanks in Advance

    Soumya T | EPM Consultant

    Monday, June 20, 2016 6:55 AM