Problem with multi-page lists in the MIM Portal


  • I've got the identical problem with fresh installs of the MIM Portal in two environments (dev and test).

    It SharePoint 2016 with the latest update installed (though the problem was observed both before and after the SharePoint update, so that doesn't seem to have had an effect).

    MIM build is 4.4.1749.0

    When I try to progress through any multi-page list the first click of the "Next" button stays on the same page (though the page number increments). I click Next again and the page number is 3 but I am shown page 2. Anything I select does not actually get selected - so if it's a popup window to create a Binding and I have to click through a couple of pages to select the Attribute the selection doesn't work. If I search for the Attribute by name and select it from the first page shown then it's ok.

    terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2018 22:48


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