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  • Olá pessoal,

    Segue as principais diferenças:

    • Certificate authentication + Kerberos Constrained Delegation.  Think EAS & OWA with user certificate authentication.
    • Authentication Delegation for Basic, NTLM and Kerberos.  ISA 2004 only had Basic Delegation.
    • Web farm publishing using cookie or IP affinity. Provides many advantages over NLB at the Exchange  FE servers.
    • Client-aware authentication.  Finally; a single listener for *all* Exchange  web publishing!
    • Code-page-aware web publishing.  When the client application provides this information (most do), ISA can deliver language-specific error and logon/logoff pages.
    • LDAP authentication for web publishing was added. 
    • Enterprise & Array Global and rule-local link translation.  Your arrays & rules can share link translation settings!
    • Certificate quality awareness (ISA 2004 SP2 has a *small* piece of this)
    • Configuration Storage server  connection via VPN tunnel (branch office scenario)
    • Flood mitigation like no other.  ISA 2006 can detect malware activity; not just “packet storms” (I know; I tested it!).
    • The envy of their peers for having deployed the kewlest firewall/proxy on the planet (the galaxy is still being evaluated).

    Fonte: Blog do time do ISA Server

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