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  •  Hi every one...
     My MSN/IM is updated. This because the version of MSN-PLUS. All this start on the day i uninstall VistaCodecs,
    but the VistaCodecs image was not uninstalled VistaCodecs on the prog.window being visible with the icon (the gallery of images)
     and the name of the VC, then the same happens with the WindowsLiveOneCareSafetyScanner icon image.
    However when you start this journey by net is the messenger with his claim of error:
    error_code.80048820 - expand.80048416 ... When in solving problems of it, says error in the HOSTS file and KEYS.
    The error are affecting the access other programs only of Windows and sometimes dont let me install or uninstall the application,
    displaying the error message continuously. Attempts to resolve i passed by:
    Windows6.0-KB958655-v2-x86, OneCareScan, SpyBooot, Reg.Clean and updated the bios on toshiba site.
    Now when downloading the tools to analyze the WLOneCareScan, i get a warning:
    Site: "about: blank"
    Site Internet: ... files \ windowsLiveSaetyCenter \ wlscCtrl2.dll, the answer is yes / no in the end I 0x0c600c03 No error.
    And the WLICleanUp says that the installer does not exist!
    Anyway this all tells me something that my reader / editor, file system was changed! And because of this all the files from
    my Laptop do not show or edit present the extnsion after the name like:. txt,. nfo,. doc,. dll etc "and now I am totaly lost??????
      In a year of internet, i already have decided, some puzles with the help of some errors reported on signed in forums,
    but this one is up me on stress!
     Windows® Vista® Home Premium Edition Genuín
     TOSHIBA Satellite A210-19U
     ATI Radeon® X1200
     AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core TK-57
       -THANKs already for your attention
    and if someone has ideas about what is happening please,
    here or on the links below I will be very grateful!
                      ViPirate    ws
    segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009 13:30